EBARRITO proposes its first men collection for this FW.

The accessories dedicated to men maintain the philosophy of uniquesenss and quality of the brand. A Made in Italy product with the care of the detail, a careful and aware choice of the materials and of the production process always eco – compatible in which the preservation of the environment becomes central but not intransigent and extremist. 

In which patchwork is the focus of the collection, both for stylistic choice and for the ideal of limiting the chemical poisons and scraps, using the leather cut offs of the other companies already previously treated. 

Shoes and bags have a unisex imprinting, for a metrosexual man who can be identified as curious, lover of experience and sure of his sexual identity. A modern man, who loves the comparison, without fearing it. A man who loves to travel, who works and who chills out and makes sport. 

This patchwork EBARRITO proposal is male in texture and in the accessories’ sizes, which are no more linked to a compulsive emotional choice, not fastened to the contest of use as for women, but it is linked to rationality and in which functionality is the first parameter of sale. 

The bags proposal is divided into 4 items: 

A 24 h working bag also for spare time, a travel big bag, a backpack and a laptop cover envelope style. 

The shoes present just 2 models: 

The iconic Dorothy English style, but with the rounded tip and the classic Scimmia Volante, a sneaker with zip.

man edition