Instant Love

Re-thinking fashion

In a world where everything goes fast. So fast that you do not even have time to think. Ebarrito thinks. Ebarrito thinks in a visionary way: because it comes from the vision of three friends. Between the walls and the green of an ancient farmhouse in Castelleone. In which ideas are born and mature with the healthy rhythm of a small village. Free from the overwhelming rhythms of a great metropolis. Ebarrito thinks in an intelligent way: because it is not disposable. But it uses what was thrown away to create something unique. That lasts over time. Ebarrito thinks eco-friendly: by reusing waste materials It recycles and preserves the environment. Ebarrito thinks in a creative way: because it assembles different pieces masterfully and with Italian style and craftsmanship. Ebarrito thinks. Therefore: it re-thinks fashion.

an harmonious step
the new Ebarrito collection is inspired by the search for a rediscovered harmony between man and
planet, the planet that breathes, that smiles, and returns to regain its centrality 'while
the man closed in his spaces admires its flourishing again.
The search for this harmony inspires the research that the elephant maison has done on shapes,
leathers and models for the new "LIMITED EDITION BANG BANG an harmonious step".
The skilful game of acrobatics tells us about an urban style poised between convention and
rebellion, so that brilliance and glam rock interact with unexpected classicisms.
In an attempt to tell through this mix and match 100% upcycling
the human challenge of being in the balance between modernity and nature, between urban and fast needs
of man and those slow and marked by the time of the seasons of nature.
This is how the "jungle" prints of the typical animals of the savannah enter the details of the
most urban sneaker collection ever mixed with laminated leathers to accentuate the
contrast between nature and man.
The collection has a harmonious spirit, of great visual impact using a mix of colors
sober with less marked contrasts to tell this rediscovered harmony between man and nature.
Design, nature and fashion come together in a single harmonious and provocative story
same time.
Many different ways of interpreting the present with an ethical and environmental thread.
Nature gives fashion new meanings
Ethics and aesthetics come together in this collection with the intent of
walk together in this harmonious step.