Mood FW18

EBARRITO in this FW 2018 collection underlines more than in the other seasons the corporate concept based on eco – compatibility. This vision became a concrete project with solid basis. The aim is to sensibilize the consumer to be more conscious of the need to preserve our environment, without being fundamentalistic, aware of the progress. The need of the buyer has been reached and confirmed by the national and international selling numbers.

The terms recycling and scrapping become positive; meet in a modern collection, unique, of research which overtakes the ordinary definition of glamour and luxury to realize bags and shoes accessories which at its origin puts the buyer also in front of an ethical choice.

The EBARRITO woman and man satisfy their need to wear an elegant and original piece with the typical made in italy quality and aesthetic, but in the same time overtake the ghettoization linked to the actual production.

A trendy bag or shoe doesn’t necessary have to be realized through the over utilization of chemical products and waste materials. EBARRITO and its consumer are aware of the environment damages and through a transformation of the past values they work for an eco – sustainable future.

Every patchwork EBARRITO collection is standard – bearer of a daily respect gesture for the environment. The bags and shoes collection in shape, colors and sizes is studied and produced following the concept of recycling.

Working or morning bags thanks to their details or combined accessories can be used 24/7. From working use, they can be transformed into free time, evening and travel shoes and bags to go with the EBARRITO woman and man in every moment and occasion.

Must Have of this FW 2018 is the reversible and modular bag called Janus. A serie of handlers and shoulder straps of different lengths and colors and materials ready to create an EBARRITO bag perfect for every mood. For the single colors lovers, this model can be turned inside out for a total color bag.